The Gabor System

Acoustic Piano Silent System

Convert your acoustic piano into a Silent Piano with this system. We modify your piano action to accommodate the Silent System. This involves removing the damper slap rail and replacing it with a modified one. We have to re-regulate the action's set-off and checking and fit the sensing strip and control box. We can use two different types of sensing strip, mechanical or optical. Mechanical is the cheaper and adds 1g to the touch of the piano action. The optical type adds no weight at all.

Once this is done, normally in a day, you will then have an acoustic piano which at the flick of a switch becomes a Silent Piano with full MIDI in and out and the ability to record with the built-in recorder. You will then be able to play back your performance exactly as you played the it through the headphone or MIDI.

Gabor Pianos
1 Castle Rise, Prestbury, Cheshire, SK10 4UR
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