The Gabor System

Hello Gabor,

I did the installation today, it all went pretty smoothly, and the results are amazing, I've just been practicing with headphones on whilst my 2 year old son sleeps. I'll let you know if I have any issues, but so far so good.

Thanks again.
All the best.


Dear Gabor,
The system was installed yesterday and Kristina was so delighted with it - she played till 1am. Thnak you very mcuh for your wonderful invention which will make life os musicians so much easier.

Thank you very much once again,

Mrs S

Hi Gabor,
The silent kit is finally installed and I played the piano again for the first time in over a month this morning. Everything works great, the piano sounds on the module are very good. I look forward to connecting up to my computer and playing Ivory's grand pianos and even recording some of my playing.

Many Thanks, Martin.

Dear Gabor,

"Of course you can use my testimonial on your website, and thank you again for your wonderful service. Thank you for your fantastic system now it has been installed into our piano and we are very satisfied with it. Given so much help and benefit to my son's practicing. I will certainly recommend it to other people."

All the best for the future and your business.
Best wishes,

Maria Daly

Thank you so much Gabor.
Thank you for your regular e-mail replies and updates. I commend you for a very efficient and friendly service. May I recommend you to my friends on the PianoTec forum? They have followed the progress of the whole project and I would be happy to put in a good word for you there.

I am very much looking forward to receiving the PNOscan kit shortly. I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

Thanks again Gabor,

Kindest Regards,


Dear Gabor,
After a gentle two weeks, I carefully completed installing the silent piano system and have been enjoying it very much.


Hi Gabor,

The Silent System has arrived safely this morning. I'm very impressed with the presentation and way the packs are laid out! The manual seems fairly straight forward, I shall have a play with it next week and let you know how I get on! Many Thanks,

Chris Lawry


Dear Gabor

I just wanted to let you know that i have had the system in place now for a few weeks and it is all working well. I have been very busy using it as i have a lot of concerts coming up and it is helping with the practice. I think it is also making my fingers stronger, perhaps some research is needed on this!!!


Dear Gabor,
What you sent me is absolutely wonderful! I finished the installation about a week ago and can now play freely, without problem with the rest of the family...

I am not able to make any difference with the "touch" of the keyboard, in silent or normal mode. Since I play in silent mode, I must say even had to remove the headphone two or three time to verify I was not playing in accoustic mode... This may sound crazy but this true! The kit is very well prepared, with everything really included. A great invention.
Thanks again,

Best regards,

hello gabor
perfect about all you wrote me my enthusiasm arised because i belived in this product very much it solved me it was my dream as technician/musicist to can do something about musci and science/technology and now i have possibility to try to realize this little dream best regards
nicola buratti

Dear Gabor & Jen,

Sorry this is very late but I am just sending this message to say a great big thank you for the Piano gizmo.

It is giving me so much pleasure. I got the hang of it quite quickly and it is absolutely fantastic & worth every penny.

Hope you are both doing ok, we are suffering with colds at the moment and looking forward to a quiet relaxing weekend.

Ellen has found some table clothes for Jen so we will pop them around to you very soon.

Once again, many thanks.

Kind regards

John & Ellen

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