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Pianist Magazine No 77 April-May 2014 edition
The silent story ; article by Gez Kahan

...The first Person to work out how to combine all those elements to produce what we now think as a 'silent piano' - a real piano with the option for individual practice using headphones - was Gabor Bartos, a Hungarian technician, tuner and inventor who made his home in England.....

Melody Maker  August ,21.  1993.
Six of The Best 
(British Music Fair Report)
Edited by Tony Horkins
" ...
nobody  go as far as the  Gabor System not only providing built -in electronic voicing, but also  muting the sound of  the piano

Keyboard Review September 1994.
" Bench test " by Sam Molineaux, editor
  The time and work involved in converting a piano to the Gabor System is perhaps  greater than you might imagine.  It may sound relatively straightforward but, having developed a universal system, there are bound to be problems with coping with the different shapes and sizes of pianos.  These potential problems are kept to a minimum by simple fact that the
make-up of all upright pianos is basically the same, but the post-fitting adjustments to ensure that all notes respond evenly.  Your piano can be used as is, in conjunction with a MIDI device, or as an ( albeit simple ) master MIDI  controller...
If you're the sort of player who I am, prefers to practice into
the early hours but can't for fear of disturbing the whole 
neighbourhood there are some advantages here,  just put the headphone on than this system provide the solution. ...

Classical Piano  November  1993.
by Tim Stein
Harpsichord Choice
due to lack of funding, he has had to adapt the initial  idea  ( a balanced, weight keyboard )  by connecting  it to an    electrical  MIDI system,  thereby creating a MIDI - compatible
piano.  This was launched at the  British Music Fair in  July...

Gabor Pianos
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